Feezoo DRL LED Strips

Ice Blue


Upgrade Your Ride And Make Your Headlights Pop!

Do you care about your safety? Do you want to be spotted from a mile awayA perfect way to add a stunning custom look to your headlights by installing Feezoo DRL LED Strips. They are designed to make your car stand out during daylight, and look amazing in the sunset or during the night.

Studies have shown that DRLs can reduce multiple-vehicle daytime crashes by as much as 11 percent. Such lights have proven especially effective at preventing daytime head-on and front-corner collisions by making it easier for motorists to see a vehicle, particularly as it approaches from far away.

Many countries around the world are mandating the use of Daylight Running Lights. Even if your country is not asking this by law, they are very versatile and useful. They save battery usage when compared to ordinary headlights, have brighter and more clear light than halogen light.

Easy To Install
LED Strips can be installed without opening the headlights
They are highly versatile: Can be bent, twisted, and contoured to fit headlights
Feezoo DRL LED Strips can be applied outside of the headlights directly
Super easy to install: they can be cut to any size and re-capped after cutting

Waterproof & Durable
Feezoo DRL LED Strips are waterproof and highly durable. Light is white or ice-blue while the car is running, and it turns into flowing yellow when the car is turning. Simple but effective design, with a thin strip that is easy to fit in the shape of the headlights.

      • ○ Easy Installation: LED Strips can be installed without opening car headlight

        ○ A striking white liner look with turn signal activated amber lights

        ○ Strips can be bent, twisted, and contoured to fit most headlights

        ○ Versatile and flexible, soft and easy to shape

        ○ 60cm Max Length, and can be shortened

        ○ Interior or Exterior install

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